Ethical-Social-Circuit is the pathway of moving-knowledge in a conscious system that can lead people to their potentials, possibilities, and prudential decisions.

The goal is to identify the intangible knowledge that is moving and lurking around the human domain.

In the human domain, we grow by the law of intelligence. Our emotional intelligence and intelligent quotient usually evolve overtime because we are connected interdependently and socially with thoughts, words, and intelligent decisions.

Our intelligent decisions are generated duly when we tune in consciously to moving-queries which are basically,

  • What works?
  • What delivers creativity?
  • What makes values?
  • What’s viable? (i.e what’s profitable and sustainable?)
  • What’s the nearest future?

These basic moving-queries are always in a motion pathway from generation to generation in the human domain. The motion pathway is only discern by people who live consciously to the reality of perspective reasoning.

Ethical-social-circuit delivers resolution possibilities for moving-queries through the options of moving-knowledge which remain intangible to our passion, creativity, relationship and wealth.

Options of the moving-knowledge potentially provide what we seek especially when we desire:

  • self actuality for flexible adaptation possibilities to the accelerating changes and trends.
  • intangible knowledge possibilities that will enhance your thinking and decision-making.
  • the possibilities of blending passion, business, relationship and creativity into your life.


In order not to dwell in the vagueness of ethical-social circuit, internet and technology open our eyes and senses to the possibilities. In the internet domain, website like and are typical derivatives of ethical-social-circuit. With no reservation, google and quora are pathways of moving-knowledge where suggestions  resolve the moving-queries which can lead possibilities seekers to their potentials and prudential decisions.

Let’s traverse further! consciously establish on the fact that sharing the moving-knowledge that lurks around the human domain can be beneficial to the possibilities seekers. The domain inclines to possibilities.


The way to reduce misconception about reception, is to explore possibility thinking and read for possibilities.

The way to optimize it, is by engaging our personal development tools to function well. Our personal development tools are:

  • brain, nervous system and proper blood circulation (to select the practically useful options).
  • mind (to master our thoughts and dreams).
  • eyes (to see, read and observe).
  • hands (to write and type out words that are logical).
  • ears (to listen more to things than the words that are said).


At this juncture, let’s think about what is working along the pathway.

  • WEIRD - Working Everyone Into Rewarding Development
  • TEAM  - Together Everyone Achieve More
  • TIME  - Thinking Intelligently, Managing Effectively
  • FATE  - From All Thoughts Everywhere

These acronyms integrate the creative mind possibilities.


Shared knowledge find it’s way through in moving-knowledge philosophy. Consciously, system creation establishes on moving-queries and moving-knowledge.

The moving-knowledge sinks into our brain and mind, thus we evolve our awareness, consciousness, mindset and dive deeper into passionate possibilities. The moving-knowledge flow as a result of guided words, guided thoughts and intelligent reasoning.


It will be better to let go possibilities if our choices turned to work out as desired.

In reality, everyone makes choices or decisions that fall out of plan and desires supplementary potentials which will continually uphold the plan. Spontaneously, the conception of possibilities strike in our mind.

If we truly want to achieve the success we desire; maybe, raising awareness toward the future of possibilities in ethical-social-circuit will be vital to our decision-making consciousness. This will clear space for imagination and visualization of prospects that answer the basic moving-queries that we encounter in our mind circuit.

Although, the basic moving-queries earlier emerged, at this fold, the modal verb ‘will’ exists and the moving-queries transform to;

  • what will work?
  • what will deliver creativity?
  • what will make values?
  • what will be viable? (i.e profitable and sustainable)
  • what will be the nearest future?

These moving-queries get more unfolding version when we dive deeper into passionate possibilities, which are:

  • what works and will continually work?
  • what delivers creativity and will continually deliver creativity?
  • what make values and will continually make values?
  • what’s viable and will continually be viable?
  • what’s the nearest future and will continually be the nearest future? 

At this moment, activities by consciously established system have plugged into creative possibilities. The conviction in the possibilities only foster the idea that knowledge can be pursued and is worth pursuing with availability of options, also open mind.

With open mind, search for more knowledge makes possibilities seekers to think intelligently, choose wisely, manage effectively and also harness their emotional intelligence. In the actual fact, possibilities dwell in minds and possibilities seekers are minds that seek possibilities that will continually uphold their desires and plans.

Moreover, the inter-connectivity of minds with internet enable us to communicate, to research, to discover, to interact with other knowledge seekers and participate in shared knowledge activities. Internet of everything (IoE) is a future possibility in minds and will re-evolve in folds with the internet of minds. Yes, internet of minds! Human minds will continually connect and live forever.

Yet, another future possibility in minds is the holographic representation of our mind desires.

At this unfolding reality, our minds will:

  • continually work.
  • continually deliver creativity.
  • continually make values.
  • continually be viable.
  • continually dictate the nearest future.

These possibilities make a journey that starts a step-by step process which focus on how to evolve awareness, consciousness, mindset and harness passions.

However, we can explore empowering possibilities through the articles, quotes, downloadspodcasts and free PDF books, or use the contact form for contribution, suggestions and perhaps free counseling with recommendation.

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