Unfolding of the basic moving-queries in the ethical-social-circuit have put our intelligence to ponder whether we possess creativity.

Some people shape their human experience to belief that creativity is a talent possessed by the superhuman with special genes and intuition. Creative mind anatomy explains the creativity make-up which is seemly achieved through cultivated experiences. Probably, if we understand creative mind make-up, then we can think differently, act differently and create our own success.

Although, creativity grows into complexes that leave space for supernatural activities, its pattern of growth agrees with the following order:

  • Desirability creates attention.
  • Attention creates observation.
  • Observation creates re-definition.
  • Re-definition creates perception.
  • Perception creates opportunities.
  • Opportunities generates motivation.
  • Motivation generates applied knowledge.
  • Applied knowledge transform into desired growth.
  • Desired growth justify a creative mind.

Perhaps, we can say 'a creative mind is anyone with a knowledge of possibilities (in business, in education, in technology and in everyday life) and uses practical skills to make success for personal and social development'. The word 'success' is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal.

At a progressive realization of worthy goal or ideals, it signifies that creativity can be achieved based on gradual processes. No creation succeed without a step-by-step build-up.

Also, the step-by-step processes are the stages where we face challenges such as fear of failure, chronic procrastination, doubting emotions, frustration, laziness e.t.c that yield the idea that creativity is only for humans with super genes.

Human creativity tend to work for minds that continually engage in doings that raises their consciousness and awake the mental intelligence in them. We don’t need to mind the pains in our doings or knowledge learning processes. The mindset of 'no pain, no gain' should be established for emotional support.

Moreover, even to develop practical skills, perceive opportunities, discern the empowering knowledge or getting our attention to useful observation can be confusing  sometimes. This is what objective minds work on and appear to possess super genes by cultivating their attitude and network.


A good attitude to achieve creativity is to make unusual combinations of familiar ideas. For example, John C Maxwell, re-define “MISTAKES” with each of its alphabetic letters to create better perception in one of his book.

Messages that give us feedback about life.

 Interruptions that should cause us to reflect and think.

 Signposts that direct us to the right path.

 Tests that push us toward greater maturity.

 Awakenings that keep us in the the game mentally.

 Keys that we can use to unlock the next door of opportunities.

 Explorations that let us journey where we’ve never been before.

 Statements about our development and progress.”

This gives opportunities that can generate motivation for emotional stability.

Also, a creative mind thinks possibilities for personal and social development. Sir Timothy John Berners - Lee, best known as the inventor of the world wide web (www), create a successful communication platform which together everyone is achieving more possibilities of creating ideas and making internet of minds a success.

Exploration of conceptual spaces is another attitude of creativity. Evans Wadongo, a Kenyan engineer, with the concept of ‘USE SOLAR, SAVE LIVES’ foster education development, sustainable environment and economic empowerment in the life spaces of poor communities he grew up in (Kenya).

Inductive reasoning can’t be left out as an attitude for creativity. Inductive reasoning is simply the process of the objective mind by which separate instances are compare with one another until the common factor is noticed. If the common factor is ‘ZIG’, then we make ‘ZAG’ to complement it.

The creative attitude premised serve as lift to the altitude of creativity which can be achieve when a learning habit is cultivated through patience, perseverance and passion.


By living with people with higher vision of life, we build a creative mind network. This kind of network determines creativity net-worth. We can create time for solitude, but our self-expression can only be optimize with a reach-out for higher existence.

Internet, over the years has been proven to be higher existence for communication. Ideas shared on the internet has brought about internet of minds. The internet has created possibilities of blending passion, business, relationship and creativity into our life. We experience online business, online social forum, online research and opportunity for learning at anytime and anywhere.

With internet experiences, networking with minds for cultivation of desirability and desired growth processes secure for us an intangible knowledge possibilities that will enhance our thinking and decision-making.

However, we can explore empowering possibilities through the articles, quotes, downloadspodcasts and free PDF books, or use the contact form for contribution, suggestions and perhaps free counseling with recommendation.

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