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Do you seek possible ideas from creative minds to support imagination and visualization of what you desire?


Do you seek intangible knowledge possibilities that will enhance your thinking and decision-making?


Do you seek the possibilities of blending passion, business, relationship and creativity into your life?

Search no more!

This is the domain where focus is made on learning how to evolve thoughts, awareness, consciousness, mindset and diving deeper into creating possibilities.

In the actual fact, there are several people who have empowering thoughts, values, ideas and views that could be beneficial or ignite passion to ours. Most people make it that, they either accept or reject this fact based on their pre-understanding without thinking through.

It's a very valuable and important skill to be able to differentiate between empowering and limiting possibilities, then adopt and apply the empowering ones to your own life.

So, if we can learn to accept the unusual things from other peoples' thoughts, suggestions, improvisation, philosophy or perspective logic and reasons, maybe through tolerance, we will gain more understanding and new knowledge of creating empowering possibilities. For we have walked different pathways and have known different fears, ideas and values.

What has knowledge meant to Creative mind?

Knowledge has always meant power: power to exist, power to adapt, power to thrive in a challenging environment. Moreover, knowledge is first and foremost a matter of the human mind, and human minds are inter-network with human unusual ideas and common sense.

Notwithstanding the fact that human progress always results from pooling and building knowledge, some individuals or organizations often find it difficult to share the secret of their creativity .

The opportunity for learning at anytime and anywhere as a community of one should be in a free flowing opportunities and possibilities. The more remote people feel from one another, the more risky knowledge sharing looks and the more tempting it is to hold knowledge for private advantage. But it's also true that the more a group knows of what its member know, the better it can perform in the world. Ever since the first human clan enjoyed the warmth of consciousness, it's been true that knowledge shared is knowledge multiplied.

Moving knowledge around is more efficient than moving people around. It's as simple as that: knowledge can travel at the speed of thought and it doesn't need an expense account or a visa. You are no longer limited by geography, only by your imagination and visualization. You can reach anywhere in the world to find the partners in ideal learning center that will help you provide the best learning experience.

This domain can be the resource center, where your creative decision-making and learning experience will be harnessed and guided to a great future success.


WEIRDTEAM presents creative mind domain with an organized learning space.

Peter Senge suggested in his book (The Fifth Discipline, 1990), that we can achieve a successful learning through the following:

  • Personal mastery (individual growth and learning).
  • Mental models (attitude and behavior).      
  • Shared vision (direct and honest communication)
  • Team learning (creating synergy within teams)
  • System thinking (seeing the big picture organizational core competence).

These are the suggestions that this domain emulate in order to find clues for building creative mind, logic and reasons, dreams and visions, new ideas and clear space for instinct and intuitions.

WEIRDTEAM also introduces an ethical-social-circuit which you must first bear in mind, we are 'Working Everyone Into Rewarding Development (WEIRD) and Together Everyone Achieve More (TEAM)'.

What's the focal point?

WEIRDTEAM focus on helping people learn how to develop their mindset toward creativity throughout their journey in the human domain because each of us has come to learn a unique set of lessons and face a unique set of challenges.

Our path to evolution is focused on what we choose to do, big or small each and every day. The choices we make define whether we harness the awareness around us, generate creative mindset or give in to otherwise. How mind can learn to evolve and becomes closer to the true self is simply through heightened awareness and creating possibilities.

When our awareness becomes heightened, our decisions are more in tune with our desires and not so much the things that we think that are impossible or not viable in everyday endeavours.

As we evolve, the ability to harness the consciousness comes more naturally and we will be able to see things from a different perspective.

Our environment may not change at all, but our perception of our environment and control we possess over how we react to our environment may change. Nothing in this life is impossible, once we realize the power we have to create and willingness to work manifestation of dreams into reality. No path is no direction, as each is a learning experience and with learning, we are giving the opportunity to evolve and grow to a higher creative mind.

This is a passionate  journey, not a project. It is a journey of ideological change, emotional availability and increased opportunities, both individually and organizationally. The speed at which you can innovate is what you need to measure, as this is what will determine your reach.

Harness your emotional intelligence with creative minds! Harnessing works with knowledge, love, charity, appreciation, acceptance and handiwork to build self worth and re-evolving moment.

Remember, we are constantly in the act of re-creating ourselves. We are in every moment deciding who and what we are. We decide these largely through the choices we make regarding who and what we feel passionate about.

The insight of a renowned writer, Deepak Chopra helps with the following options of fundamental choices in reality:

  • The choice of fear, if we want to struggle and barely survive.
  • The choice of power, if we want to compete and achieve.
  • The choice of inner reflection, if we want peace.
  • The choice to know ourselves, if we want insight.
  • The choice to create, if we want to discover the workings of nature.
  • The choice to love, if we want to heal others and ourselves.
  • The choice to be, if we want to appreciate the infinite scope of God's creation.

No matter what the salient facts of a given set of choices, the main point is not the acquisition of the facts, but learning how to make facts work with the view of dealing with emotional pain and blending passion, business, relationship and creativity into your life.

Facts with inductive reasoning and personal development tools allow us to organize knowledge into definite plans of action which make path to evolution.

Our personal development tools can simply review and overcome creative mind worries with the following: 

  • Education     –   for questions of learning and assessment
  • Psychology   –   for motivation and personality.
  • Sociology     –   for identity and social networks.
  • Economics    –   for human capital and economics value.
  • Philosophy    –   for ethics and self-reflection.

Our personal development tools should be: Brain, nervous system and proper blood circulation (to select the practically useful options), Eyes (to see and read for possibilities), Hands (to write and type out words for feedback), Ears (to listen more to things than the words that are said), Mind (to master our thoughts and dreams). 

We may not always know our mental judgement sources, intangible hunches and guts but these don’t stop the real reason of transforming consciousness and integrating creative minds' ideas with everyday life by creating openness to reasons and passionate possibilities for our actions, decisions and feelings.

However, we can explore empowering possibilities through the articles, quotes, downloadspodcasts and free PDF books, or use the contact form for contribution, suggestions and perhaps free counseling with recommendation.

‘The challenge is not to make everyone equal, but to give everyone at least the assurance of basic survival with dignity, so that each may have the chance to choose what more they want from there.'

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